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Friday, July 2, 2010

Is it summer yet??

  Here it is July 2nd and still no sign of Summer...  It is misting and sprinkling here in the Northwest.  I have been up here for 17 years and this is the worst weather this time of year yet!  I wanted a few days of sun but it is not looking very good right now.  Maybe next week.  The only plus is the money I am saving on sunscreen this year!!  And considering the job situation right now this is a good thing.
  So both older boys are playing summer ball.  The oldest is on the High School summer League. He is one of the boys that is younger and so he isn't supposed to get a lot of playing time.  They have League and Non-League games.  He might get an inning or two every 2-3 games if they are ahead.  In Non-League games he might play more.  On Tues. he played 6 full innings and even started the game!!  We were so proud.  He did great.  He was so happy and every inning the coach put him in he was surprised!
  The middle son plays on a select team.  He is a great player and he mainly starts.  He is also one of the older kids on his team.  He also pitches.  This will be great for next year when he is eligible to play on the High School Legion Team.  They can play when they graduate from eighth grade and are going to be Freshmen the following Sept.
  I am very proud that they are so athletic.  They did not get it from me though it is all from my husband! Thanks for reading!

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