Keeping my Sanity one card at a time!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Love you!

Woo Love's you from Paisley Cartridge
Turkey Day Inside!
Turkey Day
Fall or Thanksgiving
Merry Penguins
Thanks so much...
Mother's Day Cartridge
Winter Wonderland Cartridge!
Wishing you all this and more... Paper Dolls Dress Up!
Birthday card inside says "Heard you were missing your friends"
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

It is summer break...

Well it is the first day of summer vacation and half the house is sick...
The oldest the youngest and the oldest of them all! Life in a house of sickies is not good.
I had to apply for my last job this week. I was able to take my first class for unemployment. It was a great class. It was on skills and abilities. I learned a lot on how to get the skills and job desriptions into my resume. It has been so long since I needed a resume that I couldn't remember the job descriptions of my jobs back in the 90's. LOL

Monday, June 14, 2010

Well it is Mon. and my turn to get the kids ready for school!! 6am comes early...Only 2 more days to go till school is out for the summer! A little sad and happy at the same time. Now we will all be home all day but we get to sleep in. I just applied for another job. An admin. asst. at the shipyard. I hope I at least get an interview...

I am very excited to go to my older son's first high school banquet today. Hopefully it will be the first of 4 and beyond!!