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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's day Card

I have a unique situation when it comes to Mother's Day!  I have a mom of course and I have a step-mom who I love to pieces!  Oh and because I am married I have a MIL and I can't forget my dear Grandma who is 98!!  So I am very busy this time of year making cards!  I have the first 2 done!  Whew, only 3 more to go!! I am struggling to get the rest finished. My back is still out and I can only sit and craft for around 20 mins. before I get very stiff and uncomfortable...It is getting better but super slow for the type of ruptured disc I have...Anyhow on to the pics!!
This was made with DCWV paper stack Blossoms and Butterflies
I loved making the Flower!  There are all kinds of tutorials out that 
can teach you how to make them it is a bit tricky but well worth the effort as you can see!
Please tell me what you think!

Now for the next one!
I cut this on my E with an MTC file that was on the gallery!  The paper for the background
Was a great find on clearance for 1.99 and it was 24 sheets with a flower theme!
Thanks for looking!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Great Big Thanks!

Thanks to all of you for following my blog and leaving great comments!
My first blog award from Buzzy Bee Designs! 
I was soo happy to get this and am supposed to tell you 8 things about myself so after much thought and time here they are:
  1. I have been married for almost 18 years!
  2. I have 4 children. 3 boys and 1 very spoiled girl! (her dad is wrapped around her pinkie!!)
  3. I love to make greeting cards to give to family and friends.
  4. I used to scrapbook but don't have the energy to anymore. Maybe someday I will get back to it!
  5. I use the Cricut Expression.
  6. I use my friends Gypsy because she doesn't have time to figure it out lol.
  7. I am a paper and candle hoarder. ( if I use it there won't be anymore)
  8. I absolutely love Make the Cut program!  It is the best... I love making new files to share with people! 
I hope it wasn't to corny!!  Now onto the next step. Picking 15 blogs to receive this award.
I have some blogs that I love to go to for inspiration and such so here they are in no particular order;
Thanks again Buzzy Bee Designs!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Freebie Background

I was browsing the free coloring pages through Google search and came across this page and thought it would look great as a background using the Cri-Kits gel pens!! 
It is called Snowflakes Coloring page.
I think it doesn't really make me think of snowflakes 
But it did seem interesting enough to pull it into MTC and
see how it would look so here it is!!