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Monday, June 21, 2010

Well it is Mon. again and the weekends weather was a huge disappointment!!  My son was supposed to have a Baseball Tourney and on Sat it got cancelled.  Sun. we went because the games were still on. All the way there it was sprinkles and occasional shower's.  We got there and got ready for the game.  Started playing and in the 4th inning it started to come down.  The kids still played till the bottom of the 5th.  they decided to cancell the rest of the tourney.  What a wasted trip...  I hate it when it does that.  Summer not quite here yet.

Sunny today though on a Monday...

So I went to the Worksource class titled, Intro to Word.  Very good class!  I knew the basics but not the little things that you can do with it.  Very informative!!  Instructor was very nice too.

I go in tomorrow for Orientaion for Unemployment.  I found out Sun. that I actually qualified for unemployment.  No fight or appeal was necessary!  Thank GOD for this all the way. He does not give us more than we can handle! I am ahead of many right now because unfortunately my husband has been through this before and I was able to get all my stuff done to get going and already have taken 2 classes! Each class that you take qualifies as a job that you applied for.  3 times a week you have to apply for a job and keep a record of it.  This means this week I only have to apply for 2.

Well I am going to try to make some cards today.  We'll see how this pan's out though with the kids all home it get's to be a little harder these days...  

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